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Wheat Germ Mix

Monday, April 28, 2014


Product Functions:
- For weight loss & Slimming without rebound
- Increases cell energy to burn fat
- Wheat germ is the reproductive part of the seed which promotes growth.It is one of the most nutritional products available. Infact wheat germ contains more than 20 nutrients & has more nutrients per ounce than any other vegetable or grain.
- Wheat germ is very high in protein content. It contains around 28 % of its weight as proteins & their essential amino acids. It has more protein than can be found in most meat products. The human body needs protein & their essential amino acids in order to repair tissue damage & buid up of new healthy tissues . Protein enzymes help intestinal absorption of nutrients & are required as carriers in blood to transfer different nutrients & minerals to our tissues .
- The amount of nutrients that are contained within wheat germ seems endless . It contains more iron & potassium than any other food source.Also found in great quantities are the vitamins especially thiamine ( vitaminBı), ribovlavine (vitamin B2) the coenzymes for cell energy, pyridoxine(vitamin B6),cyanocobolamine (vitamin B12) & folic acid for biosytnesis of blood hemoglobin in addition to the antioxidant vitamins A,C & E which rejuvenate body tissues through inhibiting oxidation by pollutants & free radicals. Vitamin E is a very important antioxidant, it is helpful in preventing body aging & to treat heart diseases. This vitamin also helps to prevent blood clots & is needed to strengthen body immune system.
- Wheat germ is a source of vegetable oils rich in the essential fatty acids mainly ω3 & ω6 unsaturated fatty acids essential for the biosynthesis of good prostaglandins which help blood vessels vasodilation & for platelets deaggregation.
- Recent clinical researches have revealed that wheat germ has slimming properties,it supresses appetite giving the feeling of fullness. Regular intake of wheat germ improves body muscle build up . It improves blood circulation & increases cell energy for different body activities including sexual performance.
- An ingredient in wheat germ is a galactomannan which reduces surface tension forming oil in water emulsions which help digestion & the intestinal absorption of essential fatty acids.
- Wheat germ contains about 80 % of its weight as fibrous tissues which enhance intestinal peristalsis & bowel movement with mild laxative effect.
- Wheat germ is rich in the phospholipid components choline & inositol . These biomolecules help keep your body & mind in good shape by breaking down fat & boosting brain power. Choline helps to cleanse your system by enabling the liver to eliminate toxins more efficiently. Choline is used to produce acetyl choline which transmit messages between nerves & muscles& is thought to improve memory,
- Mood & athletic performance. Choline & inositol form the phosholipid lecithin which helps to break liver fat into smaller particles which control cholesterol biosynthesis in the liver.
- Lecithin is an important constituent of cell membrane & is important in nourishing brain cells.

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